Tropical Fruit Surprise  
Recipe Number: 1097034171
Contributor: Kiana
Six lemons, halved *
1/4 C Butter
3 Oranges, halved **
1/2 C Sugar
3 fresh Bananas, sliced
151 Rum
* Depending on juiciness, may not need all citrus; not to be watery
** May substitute canned peaches or mangoes
Fresh pineapple, cut in small pieces
Fresh papaya, cubed
Fresh mango, cut in small pieces
Hard Vanilla ice cream
Cooking Instructions
Using medium heat, put sugar in saute pan, allow to carmelize, stirring as needed, add butter, stirring til blended;increase heat slightly, squeeze juice of four lemons through cheesecloth, stirring as adding juice, then add juice from oranges, again stirring to blend; reduce heat and add fresh fruits, cook about 4-5 minutes until well heated; Turn off heat, add about 1/4 cointrea and 1/2 cup rum, stir gently once or twice to distribute alcohol. TURN OFF LIGHTS, ignite with match and stir til flames diminish, serve hot over ice cream. Oh, My!