Hawaiian Luau Cake  
Recipe Number: 1096950960
Contributor: Byron
1 box Yellow Cake Mix (Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker ok)

1 C Sugar
1 block Butter (not margarine)
1 Egg
1 can Sliced cling peaches in heavy syrup (32oz can)
Cooking Instructions
Jus' bake one YELLOW CAKE and follow the directions on the box. Don't forget to oil the baking pan and sprinkle flour (or use some of the cake mix) all over the pan so the cake doesn't burn or stick. I like Duncan Hines but Betty Crocker is good too.

Butter Peach Frosting:

Open the peaches and drain in a colander and set aside. When it is drained, smash the peach "by hand" until it looks like pulp. Watch out that you don't push the peach pulp through the collander holes or screen mesh when smashing it with your hand. Set aside.

Mix butter, sugar and egg "BY HAND" in a bowl.... remember, that this is the secret of this recipe... mixing these 3 ingredients BY HAND!. I know, I know, it's messy and yukky and all.... but AGAIN, this is the most critical part of the recipe... it's the heat in your hand that melts and blends the sugar and butter together into a smooth yellow/white froth. If you mix these ingredients by spoon or blender, the sugar will not melt properly and your frosting will taste "grainy" because the sugar grains didn't melt into the butter properly.

Dump the peach pulp into the butter/sugar mixture and "fold" the peach pulp into the mixture. DO NOT smash the peaches into the frosting. Smashing the peach pulp causes it to bleed and the juices will make your frosting runny! Keep folding the peaches into the butter frosting until it looks like you have an even distribution of peaches throughout the frosting mixture.

Frost your cake as even as possible using the frosting "thingy" (fo'get da haole word) or, use a spatula or even your rice scooper. If no mo' notting, use yo' hand......guarans you can feel where da shallow and deep frosting areas are on da cake and you jus' push da buggah ovah fo' covah up da frosting area "holidays". Eh, an' make shuah you wash yo' hands before you mix the frosting. You no like make "kakalepo" frosting!!

Most important step. Get one small plate, pour you one cup of coffee or glass of milk, cut you one piece (you 'wen cook'm...."you da Man...or Lady"...you deserve da first piece!!), Turn your diet or weight watchers, or Jenny Craig plan aroun' on da ice box an' whack'm on da way out of da kitchen dancing da hula to aunty Genoa singing "Alika".
Additional Comments
I've tried other fruit in the frosting (pineapple, Bing cherries, blue/black berries, strawberries (makes frosting too runny)....even mango (mango taste too strong for my liking)). Sliced cling peaches are by far, the best fruit to use in this cake. I've been making this cake since I was 11. It started when my father made most of the cakes for our family luaus in addition to his making his ono haupia and squid luau dishes. He had me make 50% of the cakes to help him out and the rest is history. I screwed up at first by not using my hand mixing the frosting but couple of raps on the head straightened me out real fast!!