Stuffed Ika  
Recipe Number: 1088698751
Contributor: Glen
5 lbs Ika (Squid)
2 lbs Pork hash
2 bunch Long rice (soaked in water)
1 C Green onions, chopped
2 C Water chestnuts, chopped
2 Tbsp Hoisin sauce
2 tsp Pepper
2 tsp Salt
Sauce Dip

1 C Patis
3 Hawaiian Chili pepper take seeds out, optional
3 gloves Garlic
3 Tbsp Sugar
1 large piece of carrot sliced paper thin, then diced
1 large piece of cucumber sliced paper thin, then diced
Cooking Instructions
Add patis, chili pepper, garlic and sugar together and mash until all mixed together. Then add carrots and cucumber. Add sugar and stir to your taste. The sweeter the better. Let sit and use this as your dip for the stuffed ika. Strip the ika of its inside and separate the head from the legs, mince the legs and save on the side, clean head for stuffing. Now mix the pork hash, chopped ika legs, long rice, chopped green onion, water chestnut, Hoisin Sauce, pepper and salt all in on large bowl. After all of the ingredients are mixed together, now stuff the ika head with the mixed ingredients. Make sure that you use a toothpick to close the opening. Now place the stuffed ika in a pot of hot oil, cook until done. Drain excess oil off stuffed squid and let it cool down. Now dip it into sauce dip and grind away. Good for pupu's.
Additional Comments
If you don't want to use Hawaiian Chili pepper you can use something milder. The object is not to have the seeds in the dip. I was taught how to make this while I was in Viet Nam from 1970-1972