Pork and Ginger Pot Stickers  
Recipe Number: 1063634062
Contributor: Tony
2 cups Napa cabbage
1/2 Tbsp salt
1/2 lbs Ground pork (not too lean you need fat for juiciness and flavor)
2 Tbsp Minced ginger
1 1/2 Tbsp Minced garlic
3 Tbsp Sesame oil
1 Egg
Chicken stock or chicken broth
Won ton wrappers
Dipping Sauce:
1/3 C Shoyu
1/3 C Rice wine vinegar
1/3 C Sliced scallions
Sesame oil for taste
1 Tbsp Sambal
Cooking Instructions
Sprinkle salt and let stand foe 30 minutes then squeeze out all water, the drier the cabbage the better. Mix all ingredients well except chicken stock and won ton wrappers. Place 1 tsp of filling in each wrapper and properly seal the dumplings. I use a fork to crimp the edges. In a pan with a lid add oil and when hot add your pot stickers. Brown on both side maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute on each side. Once the second side is nice and golden brown, add a ladle of chicken stock to the pan. It should be hot enough to where it steams up be careful it will spatter. Place your lid on the pan and let the pot stickers steam for 5 minutes checking in between to make sure more stock is needed. Do these in batches until all pot stickers are cooked.