Iggy's Huli Chicken Dijon Toast  
Recipe Number: 1059759901
Contributor: Iggy
1 Baguette or French bread loaf (slice in half)
1 C Grilled chicken sliced thin; tossed with tablespoon dijon mustard
1/2 Red onion (small) sliced thin
1/2 C Bell peppers
Butter, garlic, basil spread
1/2 C ranch dressing
Mozzarella cheese or your favorite
Salt, pepper to taste
Chile pepper "fo mo taste"
Cooking Instructions
Generously spread butter, garlic, basil onto sliced bread and toast lightly. Let cool. Spread ranch dressing and layer with thin strips of chicken, red onions and bell peppers, top with cheese. Place under broiler till cheese is melted. Tomato sauce may be added to layer prior to ranch dressing Slice into one inch pieces... served warm or cold.
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