Easy Kulolo  
Recipe Number: 1052237716
Contributor: Janine
2 C Grated raw Taro
1/4 C Brown sugar
3/4 C Coconut milk (preferably Mendonca's)
1/4 C Melted butter
1/2 tsp Real vanilla extract
Cooking Instructions
In Pidgin: Lightly oil one small loaf pan and line wit ti-leaves. If no' mo' ti-leaves use tin foil. Stir togedda da grated Taro an da brown shuggah. Add da coconut milk, melted butta, and da vanilla; blend well. Poa' into da pan an cova tightly wit da ti-leaves. Remembah, if no' mo' ti-leaves use tin foil. Steam fo' 4 to 6 owahs.* Cool an den grine!!

In Haole : Lightly oil a small loaf pan and line with ti-leaves. If ti-leaves are not available, use aluminum foil. Stir together grated taro and brown sugar. Add coconut milk, melted butter and vanilla; blend well. Pour into prepared pan and tightly cover with ti-leaves or the foil. Steam for 4-6 hours.* Cool. Slice. Enjoy.

* Steam it on the stove top using a steamer or some rice cookers now have steamers in them. Also, you can use any kind of electric steamer.
Additional Comments
Caution!! Don't try fo eat da raw taro, or you'll have soa mout !!!

Translation: Eating raw taro will cause you intense pain !!