Butter Mochi #2  
Recipe Number: 1051306140
Contributor: Lynette
1 block Butter (not margarine)
3 C C&H Sugar
1 box Mochiko Flour
1 tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Pure vanilla extract
4 Large eggs
1 12 oz can Coconut milk
2 C Milk (must be 2% OR Homogenized)
Cooking Instructions
Soften da butter at room temperature, low defrost in microwave is ok too. Using electric blender, use mix speed and blend togedda da butter and sugar. Stop da blender and add Mochiko, baking powder, vanilla, eggs, coconut milk, 2% or Homogenized milk. An den turn on da blenda at mix or medium speed and let da blenda take out all da lumps. Da batter must be smooth, no moa da kine lumps. Pour into 9" X 13" baking pan. Bake at 350* foa 1 hour. TIP: Use a glass or foil kine pan to bake and use plastic knife to cut afta it's cooled.
Additional Comments
Thru trial and error, I finally got dis one, bugga is ONOLICIOUS! During canoe season hea in Seattle, WA I enjoy making it for our paddlers during potluck, it's a hit! Trust me you won't be disappointed, jus no cheat da recipe and yours will come out awesome too! ENJOY!