Tutu's Ono Mac Salad  
Recipe Number: 1051234942
Contributor: Kaikaina
1lb - 1lb 1/2 elbow macaroni
1/2 cup olive oil
2 large carrots
3 sticks celery
1 small can black olives
4 large eggs
"Choke" mayo (gotta be Best Food, 'cuz)
(1 can tuna optional, the one in canola or olive oil ... not watah')
Cooking Instructions
Keh, firs' take your eggs and boil da buggahz' for about 10-15 minutes. Cool and set aside. Next, you gotta boil da macaroni in a pot with the olive oil (it will prevent the mac from sticking to da pot!) And salt on medium or med-high heat. Stir occasionally. Cook fo' about 10 minutes or until mac' get soft li'dat. While da mac stay on da pot, we go to da veggies. Firs' da carrot ... peel da buggah and den shred 'em in one bowl. Set aside. Da celery ... wash and den' dice 'em. Put in one bowl and set aside. After all boiled ingredients have cooled, mix macaroni, carrots, celery, olives (open da can of course...), and eggs (beefo' i foget', be sure to mash the eggs with a fork in your hand over da bowl wit' da ingredients ... a must!!!) Now we get ready fo' da mayo. I use about 2-3 cups cuz' i looooooove mayonaise. It's up to you if you like use mo' o less, keh? Toss da buggah in with all da stuff in da bowl and mix well. (if you mixing with your hands at one luau or picnic or whatevah', be sure to wash your hands real good and sprinkle salt on your hand. Da salt will help take some of the "acidity" out of your hands and prevent the mayonaise from going bad!!! Also works with meat ... somethin' grandpa went show me!! R.i.p pops ...) After you mix all ingredients really good, enjoy cuzzin'!! Yo' hard work has finally come to an end!!
Serving Suggestions:
Grind em' wit "grandma's ono beef stew" (cannot tell you dat one!!), curry stew, chicken katsu, hamburgah' steak, spam and eggs, or whatevah loco plate you can tink' of.