Roof Lemons  
Recipe Number: 1051233818
Contributor: Ripcord
1 big glass jar
Some lemons (as many as will fit in jar)
1 cup Hawaiian salt
1 big bag seedless li hing mui
Cooking Instructions
Wash lemons an' also wash jar. Put lemons in jar. Sprinkle Hawaiian salt over lemons. Dump the bag of li hing mui in the jar too. Put wax paper over the mouth of the jar (because the lid goin' rust). Leave on roof for one year. Every week roll the jar around to keep everything mixed up. Transfer the jar to a dark place (such as the garage) for the last month. Eat and enjoy!
Additional Comments
If making Roof Lemons on the mainland, bring the jar inside and place by a sunny window during the winter or bumbye goin' freeze!