Preserved Lemons  
Recipe Number: 1051233483
Contributor: Tyrus
1-Gal Glass Jar
Lots of Lemons
Hawaiian salt (or rock or sea salt)
Brown sugar
Cooking Instructions
Place whole lemons in a gallon glass jar and fill 3/4 full. Add 4 heaping tablespoons of sea salt. Cover tightly and place in hot sun, shaking lemons 3x a day. When lemons turn slightly brown and are shriveled (this will actually take 1-2 months in the sun), drain most of the liquid and continue to place in hot sun for 2 more weeks. Remove lemons and cut them in half and seed them. Mix 2 cups of honey and 2-1/2 cups of brown sugar. Replace lemons in jar and add honey/sugar mixture. Mix well and place in sun again until sugar is dissolved.