Pretty Ono Lumpia  
Recipe Number: 1051143783
Contributor: Sean
1 lb ground beef or ground pork
Green onion
Oyster sauce
Bean sprouts
Lumpia wrappers (or the egg roll wrappers if you can't get the round lumpia wrappers)
Shoyu (aka Soy Sauce)
Cooking Instructions
First, get the vegetables ready by cutting/slicing it up (you want it kinda small as you're going to put this in the lumpia wrapper). Once that's done, start cooking the beef/pork in a frying pan. Once the meet is just about cooked, throw in the onions/carrots/garlic/bean sprouts (this recipe is kinda whatever you want in it... You don't have to use the vegetables listed but I do recommend the green onion and the garlic because it adds the most flavor). Okay, once all of that is just about cooked (or has been cooking for about 3-5 minutes, add the oyster sauce (to taste) and make sure you stir it all up so it's mixed in really good. Let it cook for a few more minutes until you're sure the meat is cooked (especially if you use pork). Take a small taste and see if you need to add more oyster sauce or pepper or salt. The second part is wrapping the lumpia. What you have to do is separate the wrappers and put them on a plate. Get a bowl and crack 1-2 eggs and stir them up like you're going to make scrambled eggs. Lay out a lumpia wrapper, put some meat (which you should have taken out of the frying pan (strain it if you want to - it makes wrapping them easier) and put it in the wrapper and wrap (kinda like one burrito at Taco Bell). Once you have it wrapped, dip your finger in the egg and rub it on the lose end of the wrapper so the lumpia stays closed. If you don't plan to eat them right away, you should put them on wax paper and stick them in the freezer. Once they're all wrapped and you're ready to eat them, put some oil in a frying pan (maybe 1/4 - 1/2 inch) and get it really hot (put the burner on HI or MED HI). Once it's hot, place the lumpia in it, turn it over one time (so both sides are brown) and serve. To make some good stuffs for dip your lumpia in, put about 1 cup shoyu with a couple of teaspoons of vinegar (to taste) with some crushed red pepper (like you find at a pizza place) and sugar (all of these to taste) and serve it up and grind!!!