Cosmos Smoked Pork  
Recipe Number: 1051128607
Contributor: Shawn
1 1/2 Cup Shoyu (I prefer Club, but Aloha works just as good)
1/2 Cup Hot Water (Hot to melt sugar faster)
2 Cups Sugar
1 tspn. Minced Garlic
1 small piece Ginger squeezed in sauce
1 Hawaiian Chili pepper
Up to 7 Pounds Pork Shoulder
Cooking Instructions
Mix Shoyu, sugar and ginger together. After ALL sugar is dissolved, add in rest of da ingredients. Remember to save about 1/4 cup in a Large Ziploc for after the smoking. Cut Pork into medium size pieces (not dat small, but not dat big) make'um into rectangular box size pieces. Let it all soak for about 6 days in the refrigerator. Smoke in smoker with (I prefer Keawe Logs, but Wyvee, or Lychee works just as good) at about 200 degrees for 4 hours adding more wood when da buggah no more smoke coming out, and turn pork over after half the time has passed. After smoking is complete, use the 1/4 cup sauce in the ziploc and put cooked pork in the bag (This is for the last bit of soaking and that initial burst of flavor when eating). Let it sit out of the refrigerator till cool.
Serving Suggestions:
Wen you decide fo cook um for pupus, what I do is slice it into smaller size pieces (like a quarter-size only thicker) then pan fry it a little bit kogee (burnt) on each side and it will be the best smoked meat you'll eva eat. And I made the recipe myself, and now it's passed to you.
Additional Comments
I have lived all my life in Hawaii, and only recently started smoking. It's the best thing, you can make everything from smoked fish to smoked teri chicken, so if you ain't got a smoker; WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GO OUT TO WAL-MART AND GO GET ONE, they is only cheap, and even get electric kine too, no need fool with adding charcoal, and they is well worth it. If you like some good ideas for smoking other things, E-mail me and i'll let you know some good things, and some not soo good things... Take care, and enjoy!!!