Nonosina Polynesia

We breathe eat sleep dance! Nonosina was founded by Estella “Nonosina” Reid in Buena Park, California and was established in 1965. - Our founder “Nonosina” was born in American Samoa and raised in Laie, Hawaii. The Nonosina Polynesian family history and lineage originated with Max and Leina Ala “Babe” Reid, who were one of the first recognized professional Polynesian entertainment groups in the U.S., known as the Coral Islanders in the 1930's. “Nonosina” wanted to share her pride and love of her Polynesian heritage and ancestry, while carrying on the family legacy of performance and thus Nonosina was born. Nonosina has grown considerably throughout the past 39 years and shows no signs of slowing. 2004 was a year of substantial change for Nonosina.  Nonosina is now officially Nonosina Polynesia Inc. and established a Board of Directors comprised solely of family all wanting to continue the legacy of Nonosina. Approaching our 45 th anniversary, we currently are home to over 400 students in our Anaheim, CA location and are expanding at a rapid rate.
3070 West Lincoln Ave Ste G, Anaheim, 92801, CA