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Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou

3419 W. Overdale Dr., , , 77584
Aloha! My name is Keli'i Chang. I have dedicated my life in estabishing hula schools throughout the State of Texas. I have been teaching throughout the mainland since 1976. My hula school is the only school to date that have competed in the Merrie Monarch Hula Competition in Hilo east of the Rocky Mountains. My main objective in teaching is to train students to someday become Kumu Hula's themselves. To train them to keep the traditions and protocols of hula pure and unaldulterated. My classes are nothing short of pure culture. I do not teach commercial hulas nor do I teach for he sake of entertainment. Although I do compete to bring the community together in a common cause of love, cooperation, discipline and perfection. Once my students reach a point where I feel that they can carry the culture by themselves, I graduate them and encourage them to start their own school. Upon graduation I give them their school name, my hula genealogy, a personal mele, and a blessing. I do not "puka" them by taking them to the ocean for a "kapu kai" or have them eat the "ai lolo" feast. I was raised a Mormon, and I don't indulge in the rituals of the uniki. Although, I do teach them about the ceremony and what it mean in all its aspects. So...everyone is welcomed from all walks of life. I will graduate anyone who has great respect for the culture. And will walk in the ways that I have instilled in them for the rest of their lives. So... e komo mai 'oe i loko nei e ka huaka'i hele ha'a mai ana. Frank Keli'i Chang
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