Hura Tahiti of Southern California

Hura Tahiti of Southern California!! June 21,22 2013 @ Hope International University in Fullerton, CA Alex and Tanya Tekurio established Hura Tahiti for the purpose of perpetuating, preserving and sharing the songs, dances and music of Tahiti. With the support of their family and friends from Tahiti; as well as, the members of Hitia O Te Ra-Hura Tahiti has continued to grow. Groups and individual soloist from Northern/Central/Southern California, Nevada, Florida, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii and Tahiti have participated and continue to raise the bar and exceed our expectations. We congratulate our 2012 Hura Tau & Hura Ava Tau groups for their hard work and time. Especially LEI'ISA for winning the Hura Ava Tau division and MANUIA for winning overall Hura Tau group. We would like to thank Fare Ihi for their support and amazing drumming skills. Uncle Gerard Tepehu and Auntie Tehia for creating and donating toeres, tari paru, faatetes for awards. Uncle Romeo and Linda for the pearl pendants and necklaces. Our judges for their time and knowledge. We look forward to Hura Tahiti 2013 and encourage all soloist, drummers, Hura Tau & Hura Ava Tau groups to join us! Mauruuru Roa!