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Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe and Catering Featured

12114 Washington Blvd, , , 90066
Come and join us at Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe and Catering. Rutt's Cafe has been around since 1976. We feature all the local Hawaiian dishes like: Saimin Soup, Loco Moco, Lau Lau, Spam Musubi, Beef Stew, Portuguese Sausage Breakfast, Hamburger Steak, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, Kalua Pork, Portuguese Fried Rice, Chicken Katsu, Teriyaki Beef, etc... Just too much to list. We are well known for our Royales. Especially, the Hawaiian Royale with Portuguese Sausage, Char Sui, Scrambled Eggs, Bean Sprouts & Green Onions over Steamed Rice. Then you season it with a little of our Homemade Teriyaki Sauce. After tasting this you will see why we are known for our Royales. So Ono! You know you are in the Right Hawaiian Restaurant, when it is frequently visited by the Local Hawaiians. Who else would be able to evaluate what good Hawaiian Cooking should taste like, but Hawaiians, themselves? Our goal is to spread the word that we have True Authentic Hawaiian Food, so it can be enjoyed, shared, and appreciated, not only by the Hawaiians, but by all.
As quoted by the Los Angeles Times Magazine, January 30, 2005, when describing Rutt’s Hawaiian Café’s food, “Portions are huge. Meals are cheap.” In keeping with the Hawaiian Culture, making sure our guests get plenty of food is a tradition, we make this a truism at both of our restaurants. We put a lot of effort in assuring our place is filled with the “Aloha Spirit”, which is the harmonization of the true self’s mind, heart and soul and displayed by thinking good thoughts, expressing good feelings, and sharing goodness with others. With this same “Aloha Spirit” we offer the Finest Authentic Hawaiian Home Cooking. We “E Komo Mai” (welcome) you to dine and visit with us for awhile, or you can order take out to share with your “Ohana” (family). For those who would like to share our “’Ono” (Delicious) Hawaiian Cuisine with many people, we are able to cater small gatherings up to your buffet service large parties such as; graduations, weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, staff appreciation parties, conferences etc. We feature Special Priced Catering Combos that are even more economical for everyone. Our prices are so competitive that Event Planners use us to cater their events and they are still able to make a good profit. We are used frequently for different organizations like: Halaus, schools, athletic organizations, scholastic organizations, etc... for fundraisers. We can help you put a something together that is easy and can give you about 150% profit.
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