Hawaiian Hula Hips, Inc./Hula Halau Ho'opalama

Denver's most exciting, award winning ethnic performing group, HAWAI'IAN HULA HIPS, INC. /HULA HALAU HO'OPALAMA tm is ready to take you away to their exotic and mysterious archipelago known as the Polynesian Triangle. World-class quality music, entertainment and catering. The colorful and authentic performances consist of the breathtaking dances and songs of Polynesia with a lively audience participation All presentations are performed to the accompaniment of only the finest Polynesian music, and in lavish costuming. We'll even set the theme with props and mood music, and our evening shows further transport you to your island paradise with ambient lighting. Our family has been involved in the teaching and performing of Hawai'ian culture and art for multiple generations, and the unique style and knowledge has been carefully passed down over the years. A 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Cultural Education Foundation, and a part of Denver since 1982, HAWAI'IAN HULA HIPS, INC./HULA HALAU HO'OPALAMA'S purpose is to bring the community together in an effort to educate the public about the diverse and rich, albeit quickly changing, culture of Hawai'i and its people. Your generous donations make it possible for HAWAI'IAN HULA HIPS, INC./HULA HALAU HO'OPALAMA to take its educational services, at reduced rates, to K-12 schools, senior centers, museums and educational facilities throughout the United States. As a federally recognized nonprofit, our prices are 80% tax deductible on your tax returns.