Aloha Hula Dancers

The Aloha Hula Dancers have been entertaining for over 30 years. You will enjoy the sights and sounds of genuine Polynesian entertainment. They are expert at performing the islands modern and traditional Hawaiian hulas, Maori dances and the energetic Tahitian dances. The Aloha Hula Dancers represent a wide range of performing styles, individual talent, ages and ethnic combinations that are seen in today's hula. The hula is one of Hawai'i's oldest traditions, which embraces the magic of interpretive dance and graceful movements. Authenticity is maintained in dance techniques, music and in costumes, which are all hand crafted and very colorful. The Aloha Hula Dancers perform for business events, private parties, charities, and of course, luaus. The master of ceremonies interprets the meaning behind the dances being performed. The Aloha Hula Dancers take their audiences on an exciting imaginary trip through Polynesia, and those who have already been to the islands will love the return trip. So, for a taste of Hawai'i, New Zealand, and Tahiti, let your imagination run free. Imagine the fragrant, soft breezes, the soothing sounds of the ocean and the gentle crashing waves on the shore, white sands, and the swaying palm trees. The Aloha Hula Dancers will bring you their beautiful island music, vivid costumes, and the graceful dancing that assures you delightful Polynesian entertainment.